Terms Conditions and GDPR Privacy Notice

Useful information before your appointment:

1.Patients under the age of sixteen must bring with them a chaperone, ie. Parent, guardian or friend over the age of eighteen. Patients of any other age are welcome to bring a chaperone if they wish.

2.As traditional Osteopaths we know that even if your pain is in the middle of your back, the problem could be arising from your low back or even as a result of a leg length discrepancy. Therefore we generally request patients to undress to their underwear so a full examination can be made. If you are concerned by this a bikini or swimming trunks are fine but please make any concerns known to your Osteopath on arrival.

3.As Registered Osteopaths we are recognised by most Medical Insurance Companies. Unfortunately despite significant negotiation the majority refuse to pay even half of our usual fee and therefore we now take the position of treating self funding patients only. This does not always exclude insurance as we will always produce a receipt for treatment on request and patients can often claim this back. If in any doubt please contact your insuror, before treatment, and check the small print, as they all vary tremendously.

4.Parking at the Dairy House Farm is reserved for patients. Please come down the drive and park to the left, infront of the patient entrance. If there is another car parked there it probably means you have arrived early as we only treat one patient at a time.

5.Once an appointment has been made we require a 24 hour cancellation period, otherwise a full fee will be charged.

GDPR Privacy Policy

Osteopathic notes will be made on all patients attending the clinic – legally we are required to keep all notes on minors, under the age of 18, until their 25th birthday. As well as this we keep all notes for 15 years because patients often return after extended periods and previous notes are always very useful. After 15 years the notes are incinerated.

All our notes are kept as “Paper records”which are not entered digitally. These are stored at the clinic under lock and key. Any letters written about patients are printed and then deleted from the word processor.

All requests for copies of notes should be sent to Mr Culling at the Dairy Address above.

Mr Culling is the “Data Manager” and registered with the “Information Commissioners Office”

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